Introduction to Weight Loss Surgery

Introduction to Weight Loss Surgery is our welcome to patients considering weight loss surgery.

Weight loss surgery can sound complicated but it doesn’t have to be. Our team here specializes in providing the best resources in aiding your decision and making the process as simple as possible. At our practice we want you to know that we are friendly, caring, compassionate, and value above everything your health.

For many weight loss can be a lifelong struggle that may have been at times both difficult and troubling. We are here to provide help for those who have found that diet and exercise was effective at losing a weight, but found the weight gained back after a few months. Other patients may have had issues with feeling starved or increased cravings for sweets, and salty foods. Many may even feel like, or have been told, they are self sabotaging their diets. This couldn’t be farther from the truth as a variety of factors both biological, and psychological can factor into why the weight won’t stay off.

If any of these stories sound familiar or personal you may have a genetic disposition to being overweight. Although the science is not clear on what exactly causes obesity, recent studies have shown that the cause for genetic factors has greatly increased. Dr. Jaso in addition to being a board certified surgeon is also uniquely board certified in Internal Medicine, making him an internist and bariatric surgeon.

The goal of an Internal Medicine doctor is a little different than a general practitioner or family physician. Internists specialize in the prevention and treatment of multi-symptom diseases. Many patients who are obese may suffer from co-morbid conditions, meaning if untreated they could become serious. Having a surgeon who specializes in both bariatric procedures, and the treatment of obesity related illness, can be greatly beneficial to patients considering weight loss surgery.