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Gastric Sleeve in San Antonio Texas

What is it?

The Gastric Sleeve is a surgical weight loss procedure where Dr. Jaso removes part of your stomach to help you lose weight.

How is it done?

This procedure requires surgery done laparoscopically, meaning that the procedure will be done with a small camera and small surgical instruments called ‘trocars’.


  • • Dr. Jaso will make 2 to 5 small half inch cuts in your abdomen.
  • • Dr. Jaso use a tiny camera to see your stomach on a large surgical video monitor.
  • • Small surgical instruments will be used for the sleeve creation.

The Sleeve:

  • • The remaining stomach will be shaped like a banana.
  • • The procedure does not require re-routing the intestines.
  • • Surgery times vary but average an hour to hour and a half.

Why does it work?

Gastric Sleeve in San Antonio Texas

The Gastric Sleeve works because your stomach will now feel fuller faster. By removing the portion of the stomach that secretes the most hormones that cause hunger portion sizes can be better limited, along with the absorption of larger food sizes.

Benefits Include:

  • • Allows for consumption of more natural portions.
  • • Is not subject to dumping syndrome.
  • • May resolve serious health concerns.


  • • Inflamed stomach lining
  • • Injured stomach
  • • Leaking
  • • Potential scarring that could lead to bowel obstruction
  • • Vomiting from overeating


Final Outlook

Expected weight loss can vary from patient to patient, patients should expect to lose drastic amounts of weight similar to the gastric bypass but maybe not as much. Weight loss can occur for up to 2 to 3 years and allow for a healthier lifestyle.

The Gastric Sleeve is not the easy way out and will allow patients to eat less more effectively. Patients are expected to live a healthy lifestyle making good diet choices, and actively exercising.


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